The Mountain Goat Tavern & Inn

Tmg guild sign

This is one of two taverns in Trindam’s Pass, but it currently houses the only inn in town.

Prices here are moderate to high, but that is because it is the better of the two taverns as you do get what you pay for.

The ground floor has two main areas, a bar with round tables for regulars and the town’s more well-to-do patrons and a larger long table and bench area in the back as a traditional common room. In the common room you’ll also find a large board advertising for jobs needing to be done…those jobs worth being public about.

The upper floor of the tavern has both a large common room lined with cots (for a fairly cheap night’s lodging) as well as a few private rooms on either end of the building, some of mid-quality and others more suitable for long-term dwelling if you have the coin.

The tavern’s proprietor, Mike Luit, is often behind the bar keeping an eye on things and while very friendly to strangers, no on who has ever crossed him dares set foot inside the bar again.

His chief help-mate, Cecilia Delvin, also runs a tight ship and doesn’t need Mike around to keep things in line. Cecilia has been known to just as easily serve a mug of ale with a smile or with a backhand, depending upon the patron’s willingness to follow the rules of civility while in the tavern.

The Mountain Goat Tavern & Inn

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