Money. Resources. Friends. And enemies.

Is it any wonder that these items always seem to have the term “circle” associated with them? They do make the world go around…

…but how does one break out of an endless circle?

This campaign takes place in the High Country. Large mountains spotted with small mountain towns which often become strategic keys to commerce, trade, transport and, yes, resources. Resources needed to make houses, cities, fortifications, weapons, and of course coins for money.

Ahhh…money! THAT is how one breaks the circle — or is that how the circle breaks the one?

Key design elements of this campaign are:

  • Limited starting resources (money and equipment).
  • Party and individual management of funds for advancement (we’ll use real coins).
  • Magic, while in existence, is extremely rare and looked upon with suspicion.
  • Costs are stated as in the rule books, but all non-magical items are one denomination lower.
    • Items are SP based in value, not GP.
    • If an item costs 10 GP in a book, for this campaign it is 10 SP.
    • If an item costs 15 SP in a book, for this campaign it is 15 CP.
    • If an item has a value in CP, it is halved and rounded down.
      • A 6 CP item is 3 CP
      • A 5 CP item is 2 CP.
  • Magic items are availalbe, but their cost is AS STATED in the books.
    • If a magic items costs 150 GP, it’s cost remains 150 GP.

Lists with adjusted costs have been added into the ITEMS tab for reference.

Session Notes can be accessed by the following links:

Upcoming (Current) Session Teaser

  • Session 10 – A Warm Return (The Battle of Trindam’s Pass, Part I)

Previous Sessions

Player characters links are as follows:

* Constance “Connie” Payne – The Woman in the Woods, a female Cleric
* Micha Ewald, a Hybrid Fighter/Wizard
* Martha Darkwater, a Rogue (Guttersnipe)
* Bart “Headstrong” Skinner a Warlord (Marshal)
* Iorveth “Io” Kasper, a Battlemind
* Saleigh Maiken, a Shaman *
* Callie Zane, a Hybrid Rogue/Ranger — DECEASED
Click here for other NPCs*

High Country Adventure!

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