Trindam's Pass

(The Village of) TRINDAM’S PASS — Total population: 881 (and growing rapidly)

Located along the road west of the foothill city of Aspenwood and east of the high country settlement of Dale Falls at a place crossing the River Lyon lies the new boom-town springing-up in this quite mountain pass has yet to be officially named.

It’s currently most common name, Trindam’s Pass, actually comes from the low-lying approach to the river to the east and the rough passage on the west side of the river that leads to an mountain saddle on a trail towards Dale Falls.

Other less-common names heard for Trindam’s Pass are:

  • Silver Horn (as horn silver is the town’s latest commodity of value)
  • Tripleton (named for the three broken hills in along the river in the town’s center)
  • Cloven Hoof (referring to the mountain split by the river near the bridge)
  • Luitville (an underhanded reference to the town’s most most overly-influential citizen, Mike Luit)
  • Devil’s Respite (the last real bastion of civilization before heading into the mountains)

The largest rumor in town is that the baron has decided that this village, due to its bridging and access deeper into the mountains, is of strategic value and now must have a garrison of soldiers to protect the rest of the barony. While this does sound logical, Baron Merrick Paxton Harland’s likely real motive is to protect the silver ore and future mining industry that has already begun to take shape.

The town of now has been relatively peaceful given the close cooperation between the town’s leading citizenry and their desire to cash-in on what will become a very busy area with lucrative business possibilities.

While the town has more than one would expect being so deep into the mountains, it’s services are still fairly scarce.


  • Town Guards: 6 + 1 dual-hatted Sheriff/Magistrate
  • Taverns & Inns: 2
    – The Mountain Goat Tavern & Inn
    – The Snorting Bull Tavern
  • Apothecaries/Healers: 1
  • Bakers: 1
  • Butchers: 1
  • Blacksmiths: 1
  • Carpenters: 1 + 1 apprentice
  • Clergy: 11
  • Cobblers: 3 (co-located with the Leatherworker’s Shop)
  • Farriers: 1 + 3 stablehands/teamsters
  • Leatherworkers: 1
  • Limners: 1
  • Masons: 1
  • Merchants: 1
  • Moneychangers: 1
  • Scribes: 1
  • Tailors: 1 + 1 apprentice and 1 seamstress

Trindam's Pass

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