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…all of us riding or walking with the caravan as it departed the city of Aspenwood heading towards a town or location called Trindam’s Pass.

We didn’t know if this Trindam’s Pass was the name of some mountain gap we had to pass through to get deeper into the mostly unexplored and uninhabited High Country to the west or whether it was the name of the town recently blessed (or cursed) with striking a rich silver ore vein. It didn’t matter much, though, as we all were heading that way to start a new future.

All of us were prospectors. A few of us were of the traditional mining prospector variety — persons looking to stake a claim and strike it rich by digging deep into the dirt. Most of us, however, were prospectors looking to stake a claim and strike it rich by mining the newly found wealth off of the dirt prospectors in some way or another, usually through legal means by providing goods or services but some with less-than-legal means of acquiring coin.

There remained only one question: Which means should I pursue?


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