Boisen Springs

(The Thorpe of) BOISEN SPRINGS — Total population: 56 (stable)

Located along the road a week’s ride north of Trindam’s Pass in the middle of the Shadow Valley.

The village lies near a geothermal hot springs area where small pools of surface water are warmed with mineral enriched water from below the earth’s surface. Unfortunately, this mineral water and its temperatures keep a lot of the surrounding areas from being productive farmland or forest land laying large tracts of ground to waste. It is rumored that at one time, the pools used to host geysers, but no one in town has any real memory of this ever occurring.

The town has, however, been an off-the-path destination for some of the followers of Avandra and those who believe the town’s hot springs have healing properties.


  • Town Guards: 2 (under the employ of the head clergyman)
  • Taverns & Inns: 0
  • Clergy: 6 (also act as healers)

Boisen Springs

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