Mike Luit

Owner/Proprietor: The Mountain Goat Tavern & Inn


Friendly and open to new customers, Mike runs an outstanding tavern (best in the town) and currently the only inn as well. Mike is a large, muscular man (well over six-and-a-half feet tall) who looks as if he spent his entire life in the mountains hunting, trapping, and prospecting. (And if the rumors are true, he has.)

He seems to know anything and everything going-on about town, probably because he maintains the best “job board” posted outside the tavern with the better jobs posted on a board inside the tavern’s large common room.

However, despite his efforts, his tavern business is starting to slide in favor to that of The Snorting Bull (owned by Brias Breixo) on the opposite side of the river in the town’s newer west side.

Mike Luit

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