Lago Cibran

Kobold Prisoner


Lago Cibran was liberated from the kobolds along with Anton Nicolau.

Lago, a late forty/early fifty year old human male, was captured outside of Dale Falls and enslaved to work for the kobolds in the mines as a “dirt slave” as he called it, a slave who cleans waste pits.

He knows very little about the caves, but does know that the one kobold Callie shot and sent over the cliff was one of the more senior kobold leaders in the caves and mines, but he did not stay with either the spear-wielding kobolds or the pick-using kobolds. Instead, that particular kobold stayed “…near the eggs…”

Lago, due to his three months of captivity is not in good enough shape mentally or physically to be of any real assistance to the party.


Lago Cibran

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