Justina Svyndari

Lady Justina Svyndari (aka "Justice the Swift"), Daughter of Avastraer Svyndari, Duke of Cadessa


Justina’s story, as told by Martha (Vesperia)

Justina is the attractive daughter of the Duke of Cadessa, Avastraer Svyndari III, and Tabitha, the simple daughter of corrupt Baron Darmynian Valtier. Both of her parents wanted her to ascend to the courts of King Cadagaen, as well as keep her “pure and away from the wrong sort”. They used a harsh and strict set of rules to raise her as a “war flower”, or a female knight and assassin who could easily catch the eye of Cadagaen, and perhaps even catch the eye of his son, Prince Kharidaen. More than anything, Justina’s parents wanted their daughter to reach the rank of High Knight or Queen of Mastingdor.

Because of her parents’ ways of raising her, Justina was very snobbish and harsh. Like her parents, she harbored a dream in which she stood in the white marble courts of Aqueraura Palace in Mastingdor. In addition, the training she had been going through made her a strong-bodied and iron-willed individual. To her, reaching King Cadagaen’s courts was inevitable and her destiny.

One day, Justina left her palace walls on a parade with the Cadessa soldiers. She was, for once, dressed as a lady, with her mother’s gold and ruby necklace, and not as a knight. Justina was beaming with her typical pride, and everything was completely about her and her soldiers, nothing new, of course. Her glorious moment crashed when Martha, who was about 14 at the time, came breaking from the shadows, being chased by a group of angry street dogs. Using her acrobatic talents, Martha weaved her way through the soldiers and Justina’s snow-white royal horse. Justina, however, was not so successful. She toppled off her horse, into the muddy streets. Her mother’s gold and ruby necklace flew off her neck, into the mud as well. As she fell, Justina caught a glimpse of Martha’s face. Justina saw Martha’s pink scar as Martha’s hair flared out of her face. The dogs were stopped among the wall of soldiers, and Martha escaped.

Justina, covered in mud and trampled by dogs, was livid. She was even more so when she could not find her mother’s necklace in the mud. She accused that scarred, street-rat of stealing her mother’s necklace. After the chaos and commotion settled down, Justina shamefully returned to her palace, and tried to hide the fact she lost her mother’s necklace. “King Cadagaen will not have a mud-covered dunce in his courts!” her angry parents thundered. Justina’s mother was even more enraged when she realized her daughter lost her gold and ruby necklace, in the mud of the streets of all places, and “lied” to her face by not telling her. “Remaining silent is even more of a lie than not telling the truth,” she snidely commented over her daughter’s behavior. Naturally, the words in the statement flipped as circumstances dictated.

A few years later, chief guard Hemrand Boldale recognized Martha’s drawings on the wall. He told his superior, Justina, about the drawings. Word eventually reached King Cadagaen’s ears. Cadagaen was worried. A living heir must be alive in Cadessa, some one who was a threat to his power. Also, the skill of Justina the “war flower” had reached his ears. Cadagaen called for this Justina to eliminate the heir, and, like in all her dreams, promised her a high rank in his courts upon her success.

Justina eagerly scanned the streets of Cadessa for her quarry. Her efforts were seemingly unrewarded when she found a drunk named Elbrius. Elbrius claimed to have ties to the throne and to be the son of Narratio and Alyndryl, the “ones who oughta be rulin’ but were exiled upon that blasted Cadagaen’s treason.” Justina realized a drunk could not have drawn the pictures on the wall, but she asked him to draw for her anyway. “Draw? You nuts? Only my daughter has talent for such practices. Don’t know how many time she’d been told to not draw on the bloody wall,” came the reply. The daughter’s name and appearance were uttered shortly after.

Justina realized this Vesperia a.k.a. “Martha” was the one who knocked her off her horse and “stole” her mother’s necklace. Justina was ready for her revenge. She gathered together a band of her best warriors: Hemrand Boldale, Shathys the Reckless, Crymian Stormarrow, Dureth Pureblade, and Cairon the Courageous, who is Martha’s own best friend. They have ridden out and tracked their quarry to Aspenwood, and they hunt her this very minute.

Justina Svyndari

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