Gunther Atur

Gunther Atur, Captain of the Raven's Guard of Barony of Harland


Gunther Atur (also known as “Girt” to his closest friends), is currently the Captain of the Raven’s Guard, the company of soldiers who are charged with protecting the Baron of Harland’s personal assets as well as act as the baron’s and the barony’s first-line protectors.

Gunther has been in the service of both Elwin Gabriel Harland, the current Baron of Harland as well as his son, Merrick Paxton Harland, the baron’s son who is acting in the capacity of baron due to the former’s ill health.

Gunther is a loyal supporter of the House of Harland and has earned the favor and respect of both Harland men, albeit in different ways. Gunther is known to be a fair and honest man, but more than that, his undying duty to the Harland’s is his true calling card. Only Gunther survived the barony’s reforms Merrick instituted when he took power from his father, partly because of the respect the young Merrick held for Gunther and partly at the urging of his mother, Lady Laurel Kolleen Harland. While Gunther’s support for Merrick’s “purgings” earned him many enemies among Elwin’s supporters, Gunther was able to retain as well as increase the trust and admiration of the barony’s general population.

To cross the Harland’s is to cross Gunther…and it has been demonstrated by the young baron-to-be that to cross Gunther is to cross Harland.


Gunther Atur

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