Genevieve Blandine

Owner/Proprietor: Trindam's Pass Apothecary Shop


Genevieve Blandine seems to have been around town as long as any of the original citizens. Even Mike Luit seems to have never known town without her.

Genevieve is known as a healer, but her true expertise and extensive knowledge as a general herbalist is her true claim to fame. She is the local resident expert on the region’s flora and could even put the most knowledgeable ranger to shame when recognizing (or tracking) anything in the local wilds, but she prefers to have items brought into her store and is known to pay fair prices to those willing to help her stock her shelves.

While a few in town have considered to to be a witch, none can prove it as her poultices and remedies only bring health to those who seek aid. Some prospectors say she can use potions to pull-out pure silver from rocks, too.

It is also rumored that she knows how to create and bake her own variety of journeybread, but as with her witch rumors, this information has never been confirmed.

Genevieve Blandine

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