Brias Breixo

Owner/Proprietor: The Snorting Bull Tavern


Brias Breixo has recently opened-up the town’s second tavern, The Snorting Bull.

While not as nice, refined, and luxurious as The Mountain Goat Tavern & Inn, it’s business is just as booming, albeit with a more rough-and-tumble class of clientele. Built in the new quarter of town, it’s entire goal has been to service those recently arrived to Trindam’s Pass. The current business goals whispered about The Snorting Bull is that it chooses to cater to the less wealthy, working-class citizenry and draw-in unknowing and unwitting new arrivals.

While Brias’ business plan may seem nefarious, after talking with him, you can tell he’s actually quite astute and knows what he can’t make-up for in patron quality, he can easily make-up for in quantity of patrons and their coin.

This could be why The Snorting Bull, while not as nice as The Mountain Goat, is easily gaining in on its business rival’s profits and now starting to gain the unwanted ire of Mike Luit.

Brias Breixo

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