Anton Nicolau

Kobold Prisoner


Held as a prisoner by the kobolds for nearly eighty days before the party rescued him, Anton Nicolau (a thirty-five year old human male) was also a member of the same caravan the party was on when the kobolds ambushed it. He was a fellow prisoner/slave of the kobolds along with Lago Cibran.

He is originally from the village of Queras and was going to Trindam’s Pass to find a job to help his family pay its debts.

Since Anton came to the caverns nearly three or four weeks after Lago’s arrival, he was not used in the same manner as Lago and therefore does not have any real information about the kobolds here. However since Anton was not as severely roughed-up by the kobolds, he can be of limited assistance to the party as a porter, but his use in combat would be minimal.


Anton Nicolau

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