High Country Adventure!

Session 03

Third Session Summary:

GAME CALENDAR/DATES — 20 days have passed (01-20 AUG 1300); Start 21 AUG 1300

Session Introduction: It’s been two weeks since the party returned to Trindam’s Pass and a few more days have passed since since the party was able to talk to Marcus Dagfin about the “things” he wanted the party to find. Now Marcus wants to charter another expedition plus consumables before the winter weather sets-in to the higher altitudes of the aptly-named “High Country.”

But first, the party needs to meet with Marcus’ and his yet-to-be-named financier…in private. Is this a good or a bad thing for the newly-organizing second expedition? Hmmmm…

In the meantime, the end-of-summer/herald-of-fall merchant caravan has arrived in Trindam’s Pass, a last burst of frivolity before winter’s icy fingers begin to touch the mountain peaks sometime next month.

Session Summary: The meeting with Marcus Dagfin’s financier was quite interesting. Three well-armed and capable-looking bodyguards later and we were sitting and talking with the Baron of Harland himself, Merrick Paxton Harland. Well, not the actual REAL baron, but the baron’s son who has been acting as the baron due to his father’s ill health. While the party didn’t get the full payment Marcus promised, they did end-up negotiating a somewhat profitable price none-the-less.

Instead of 250 SP for the entire party’s fee, Merrick agreed to pay the party 175 SP; one hundred up-front and the remainder to be paid upon completion of the chartered exploration task. He did honor part of Marcus’ former agreement to provision the party for one month and provide (on a loan basis, of course) a mule with two porters. As a surprise, Merrick also required the party to accept one of his own men into their company as his own trusted agent. As a caveat, Merrick did tell the party that compensation to the families of any men accompanying the party would fall upon the party at the price of 10 SP for each man. It took an additional three days to organize and prepare for the journey, but Callie and Martha “earned” some extra cash by successfully “working” at the merchant fair — or was it “working the merchants” at the fair…

After six days of traveling without any significant delays, the entire entourage established camp nearby the ruins. The royal “babysitters” stayed with the mule and guarded the only entrance (and exit?) known to the party that led to the lower ruins and it’s “mineshaft” as it was now called. After some difficulty trying to figure out how to go down that shaft, Callie literally stumbled across a solution…

The party, at Io’s insistance, decided to go to the bottom-most levels first. The order of the day seemed to be super-sized as the party encountered oversized “pony” cockroaches in a cavern with an underground pool and ants larger than an wagon spurred into attack by two groups of kobold miners. One group fell to the group’s blades, but the other, begging for mercy after hearing their comrades’ death squeals upon the party’s steel, gave some information earning them their parole.

As for other things that were noticed…that wolf that kept appearing in the woods also appeared to us underground, and only Callie seems to know something about it and is now eyeballing Saleigh somewhat differently now, but both of them are keeping quiet…or is it keeping secrets?

Micha appears to be some kind of a young wizardling not yet fully-grown into his arcane powers, but still equally adept in a real fight. Slapping and pushing cockroaches one minute and pock-marking giant ants with glowing blue spheres shot from his fingers or a stick the next, only time will tell which side he favors or which side favors him: swords or sorcery…weapons or witchcraft.

Martha, despite her tiny and emaciated frame, held her own in many eyeball-to-eyeball fights, trading blows and covering the backs of both Io and Bart. Then again, talking about backs, leaping twenty feet and skewering a cockroach and riding it like an unbroken mustang was a sight to see!

Bart…well, he’s now seen magic in the fullest sense full — likely the first time he’s ever really seen it, too. He keeps coming-up with these strange stories about the glowing mushrooms we discovered and other things, too, but it is hard to tell if it’s truth he speaks or just more of his stories. His verbal bragging is only outdone by his reckless fighting — but drawing an enemy into a foolhardy mistake has worked to the party’s advantage lately.

Io, ah yes, Io. Iorveth now has his armor and can take a hit, but we still need to see him give more than he gets when the bad guys attack. Don’t get this wrong, because he is an ambitious fighter with some developing skills, but for now, more focus is needed towards refining his technique rather than his current drive on collecting trophies. Yes, everyone may need to thank him in the end when the party revisits its two patrons after this exploratory mission, but if that was done, do you think anyone would hear the end of it?

Eight or nine days since leaving Trindam’s Pass and the ruins here are starting to give-up their secrets, but how many more secrets are there to still find?

End of Session XP gained per party member: 775 XP



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