High Country Adventure!

Session 02

Second Session Summary:

GAME CALENDAR/DATES — 31 days have passed (01-31 JUL 1300); Start 01 AUG 1300

Session Introduction: The entire month of July has passed since anything of note has happened to the party in the town of Trindam’s Pass. During this time, each party member has taken odd-jobs in town trying to save enough money to refit and re-equip themselves for more lucrative job prospects. While jobs have been plentiful, the pay has been less than desired and the cost of living has always drained coin. However, through diligence and a bit of luck, each party member has been able to save some money.

At the start of the session, each player rolls the following to see how much money they have saved during the past month:

  • Number of SP: roll 1d4
  • Number of CP: roll 4d6

As as bonus, each PC has the chance to see if they found a missing coin purse, jewelry, or some other left-behind items they traded for cash by rolling a 1d100.

  • If the result is 89 or lower, nothing was found.
  • If the result is 90 or higher, the party member gains an additional 1d12 in SP and 2d20 in CP.

The party, as per its custom, has met again for the week in the common room of The Mountain Goat Tavern and Inn and is again perusing the job board announcements, but finally with some interesting prospects this time…

Session Summary: Lots of jobs, lots of prospects, next to nothin’ in cash…but that was about to change.

Seems we all were able to save some extra cash over the past month. While most of us earned it, a few of us had the fates smile upon us. Martha found a handsomely full purse someone left behind in the tavern one evening. Callie “found” one as well, albeit it was still attached to that poor drunken fool when she saw first noticed it. Callie said she only caught that coin pouch before it dropped to the floor in order to save it from falling into his drinking buddy’s pool of vomit deposited there a few moments earlier.

Saleigh found a few coins by continuing to tend the horses and even found a few extra dropped her way by some folks who truly appreciated the newfound health their animals showed once they came back to reclaim their beasts of burden. Even Iorveth was able to scrounge-up some extra cash, literally and figuratively as he was seen diving after copper pieces that stuck in floor cracks or sifting in the deeper piles of mud in the street.

Micha found nothing that week except blisters and a lot of sore muscles. It seems that while honest construction work in town was booming, pay was not.

Bart, however, seemed perfectly happy to head-out with his headstrong fashion into the wild on his own looking for “magical relics” as he called them in addition to looking for silver. If he finds either one, it will only be because he stumbled upon it and the gods felt sorry for him and the lack of brains and common sense they gave him when he was born…

The easiest job that entailed the least amount of risk was for some older gentleman, Marcus Dagfin. Marcus was financing an expedition to try and find traces of a “lost civilization” he swore was linked to that gods-awful statue of that lizard-dog thing sitting in the entrance of the Mountain Goat Tavern and Inn. Easy money — head out west and south of town and look for more “kobold” relics, as he stated. Only problem was that while provisioned us for two weeks, we wouldn’t be getting any real pay unless we found the proverbial needle in the haystack.

However, despite Io’s near hexing of us, we did stumble across not just one, but TWO old shrines(?) of some sort. Older than expected and with human bones embedded into rock — along with bones of those nasty kobolds and some other large wolf-dog kind of humanoid mix, I think someone said it was a “gnoll” or something like that. One even had some kind of hidden latch that we opened leading to what could only have been some underground, long-forgotten temple with a few interesting doors, an oddly-lit room, and a deep, wide shaft that went straight down fifty (or more) feet, but without adequate supplies and equipment, we dared explore where it went or what it might hold. Besides, Io said the job only called for bringing back Marcus proof of his “lost civilization” and not risking ourselves much more than we needed…unless he paid us more to find out.

When we met back up with Marcus at the Mountain Goat those two weeks after some close calls with some nasty wolves and very strange (and extremely deadly) bat-like mosquitos, he was incredibly pleased to see what we found for him and instantly wanted to fund another expedition before winter set in. Despite feeling the cooler change in the air that has started to set-in in the higher elevations, we were game for one more go, especially after he agreed to provision us once again AND fund us this time to the tune of 250 SP for our whole crew (enough to equip us for better jobs later!). But good news always comes with bad — he first needs to introduce us to his financier at some time later week.

Good thing we didn’t share with Marcus that sketch Martha drew of that shaft after we returned, especially since it looks like we’re going to go down next time. That map with Callie’s notes may come in handy as we make our preparations. Hmmm…don’t know why Martha didn’t make those notes on her excellent drawing instead of Callie (Martha seems to be quite the artist), but I guess two heads are better than one when delving into the dark depths.

Martha’s sketch with Callie’s annotations
Martha s shaft sketch

In the meantime, we heard scuttle though town that the fall merchant’s caravan (some called it a carnival) was going to be in town this week as well. Good news for us is that this caravan carries a lot of the things we will need later that the town’s mercantile exchange does not regularly stock. However, as was said before, with good news comes bad and with an influx of strangers, who knows what old (ahem) “acquaintances” may also arrive.

Please, let this coming change bring good omens and fortune and keep at bay ill signs and mishaps, and that greatest of mishap of all…an unfortunate and far-too-early death!

End of Session XP gained per party member: 1300



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