High Country Adventure!

Session 01

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First Session Summary:

GAME CALENDAR/DATES — 15-30 JUN 1300 (15 days)

Each character departed the city of Aspenwood heading on a caravan to the village commonly referred to as Trindam’s Pass. What was supposed to take four or five days turned into six when on the third day the entire caravan was ambushed and sacked by a marauding band of short lizard-like men.

There were only six of sixty persons survived the ambush and as tends to happen, dangerous situations have a way of marking and bonding the most different of people. The survivors were:

  • Callie Zane, a striking 24 year old human female, 5’6" tall and 135 lbs. with the grace and green eyes of a friendly housecat but with the hardness and coldness of a wild timberwolf waiting to pounce. Callie seems open enough, but when questioned about her past, she goes instantly silent and almost looks as if someone is following her.
  • Martha Darkwater, another striking human female 20 years old but at 5’5" tall and 105 lbs, very slight and almost emaciated looking as if she never knows where her next meal is coming from. Quiet, unassuming, and able to fade into the shadows quickly, if it wasn’t for her pretty face, one would swear she was raised by rats and other city vermin of the dark alleys.
  • Micha Ewald, an unassuming and very thin human male, 21 years old standing at and even 6’0" tall but just tipping the scales at 145 lbs., his skinny frame tends to hide his strength and skill with a longsword and agility in armor, but there seems to be more to him than this…
  • Bart “Skinner” Headstrong, a look-before-you-leap 27 year old human male, 5’10" tall but slight of build at 150 lbs. Bart seems to have an affinity for conspiracies and believes that magic is more common than believed and wants to prove this and make his fortune in this way.
  • Iorveth Kasper, an apparently martial-seasoned human male fighter of some type, this 28 year old stands 5’11" tall but it the most muscular of the party coming in at 195 lbs. Iorveth seems to have had some military training and doesn’t particularly like working with or for incompetents.
  • Saleigh Maiken, a human-looking female who favored one arm and constantly appeared to babble to herself. At 24 years old and standing 5’5" and 135 lbs., her look is very unique if not foreign or exotic and not exactly one found in this area.

The party, robbed and nearly destitute, made its way to Trindam’s Pass on foot and to The Mountain Goat Tavern & Inn. There the party met three people: The Quiet Man (Quinn Marlowe), Mike Luit (Tavern Owner), and Cecilia (Head Waitress). Quinn hired the party to assist with an outstanding insurance claim he had against Jochim Gjurd, the owner/operator of the local stable and head teamseter in town.

The party confronted Jochim and assuming he was an underhanded business but with some snooping around, found he was on the up-and-up. After avoiding what would have been a tough fight, the party decided to take their claim to the chief magistrate’s office where they met Peter Lawson and found him to be both the town’s magistrate and sheriff.

The sheriff (and magistrate) said that Jochim was full within the law, but did offer to investigate the party’s story about the missing caravan. The party had Bart go with the sheriff’s men while Iorveth (aka “Io”) filled-in with the town guard. Callie took-up a waitress job at The Snorting Bull Tavern and made some good money in “tips” the patrons gave her, both willingly and unwittingly. Micha found odd jobs working with all the construction crews as a carpenter’s assistant. Saleigha was able to find odd jobs as a healer of sorts as well as a groom in the stables owned by Jochim — a place she also lodged finding the horses better company than the party. Only Martha remained unemployed as she never looked at the job boards and seemed somewhat lost in herself and the surroundings of this tiny town. However, she seemed to find solace in her meager living as if that is all she ever knew her entire life all the while looking for an opportunity of some sort to appear.

End of Session XP gained per party member: 400



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